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TalentMatch launches app, “PayDay” to address international payment transactions.

TalentMatch Inc, a Nigerian fintech on Friday 2nd July, 2021 announced the launch of its new app, Payday, a remittance App that enables swift borderless online payments services for Africa, thereby connecting its users with vast opportunities around the world in split seconds.

According to the founders Mr. Favour Ori and Dr. Rex Idaminabo, the app is intentionally designed in an international standard, as a bridge between the present and the amazing future of every users dream through her financial services of helping Africans connect and link up SWIFTLY with opportunities, sustain a POSITIVE image through smooth business transactions, build exciting relationships through INTEGRITY and generally open up its users to vast potential opportunities globally.

“Africa has been challenged severally on processing payments and even receiving payments internationally. In an effort to ease this stress, we moved with the launch of Payday which is rated the fastest and most efficient way for everyone throughout Africa, to receive or make payments internationally through mobile phones or computers all at an astonishing zero charge rate”, said, Mr. Favour Ori.

Dr. Rex Idaminabo also added: “This project is built on a firm vision of becoming the fastest, most efficient and most successful remittance service provider for everyone across Africa and globally. Our mission is to consciously attract and attend to customers with exceptionally high value payment services across the world and for Africans”.

The app which is currently available on Android and iOS devices promise to help users especially Africans have an improved experience running financial transactions online.

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