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Man slumps, dies after DNA test allegedly showed he’s not his son’s biological father.

A man has allegedly died after a DNA test conducted on his son indicated that he was not the father.

According to supposed friends of the deceased who gave their opinions online, the man lived abroad while his wife lived in Nigeria.

Trouble started when he discovered Snapchat liaison between his wife and another man. He was said to have confronted his wife with his discovery and told her he was coming home immediately.

Despite the wife’s threats to him not to come home, the man was said to have returned to Nigeria and organized a DNA test to ascertain if the son was even his.

The result of the test was said to have been too devastating for the man who subsequently slumped and died.

Opinions trailing the development are divided. Some of those commenting on the story online criticized the man for attaching too much importance to the entire issue.

Some others blame the woman who they accused of living a life of comfort on the expense of the man while frolicking with other men. They argue that she should have at least given the man his own child even if she would mess around.

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