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Herdsmen post photos of themselves on victim’s Facebook page with her stolen phone

Two Fulani herdsmen who robbed a farmer on her farm in Yola, Adamawa State, are busy uploading pictures of themselves on the victim’s Facebook page.

Friends of the victim, Debora Mbi, who thought she was the one uploading the pictures commented, asking who were the young men she was posting on her Facebook wall.

Deborah Mbi responded that they were the young Fulani herders who attacked her on the farm in 2020 and forcefully collected her phone. She added that they were not smart enough to open a Facebook page of their own and decided to manage hers.

She added that it could also be a way of daring her to do her worst, knowing that they were above the law.

Mbi who is a civil servant and also into farming did not report the incident to the police at the time, nor did she change her password. She just moved on.

However, the herdsmen are having a good time posting pictures of themselves.

They have uploaded several pictures, one where cows were in the background and another one that appeared to have been taken at a public place.

Responding to her friend’s comment on one of the pictures, Deborah Mbi wrote: “Don’t mind the idiots! They forcefully collected my phone last year and are not smart enough to open their own Facebook account. Though l think they are daring me. The Fulani man thinks he owns this country and can do anything,” she said.


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