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BBN: Cross Told Angel That He Has Dyslexia, Here Is What You Need To Know About The Medical Condition.

There was an issue between Nini and Cross yesterday, which ended up in a serious argument. After the argument, Cross told Angel that he has a medical condition called, dyslexia.

According to Cross, he believes that they are smarter than him.

Dyslexia is a disorder that makes a person to lack the ability to read because, he cannot identify speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words. People with dyslexia can learn how to improve their language skills. This disorder doesn’t have a cure.

According to a research, dyslexia may be caused by a weakness in the brain’s ability to process phonemes. Phonemes is the smallest pieces of speech, that make words different from each other. It is important to know that it is not caused by brain damage. There are 6 types of dyslexia, and they include the following:

1. Primary dyslexia
This type of dyslexia can be passed in family lines through genes. It causes damage to the left side of the brain. This can make affected people to experience difficulties in reading, and spelling as they grow.

2. Secondary dyslexia
This occurs when there is an issue with brain development, during the early stages of fetal growth. The effect of this type of dyslexia, can reduce in the child as he grows.

3. Trauma dyslexia
This can occur when there is an injury in the part of the brain, that controls reading and writing.

4. Visual dyslexia
This can occur when the brain finds it difficult to interpret visual signals.

5. Auditory dyslexia
This can occur when the brain finds it difficult to process sounds and speech.

6. Dysgraphia
This occurs when a child finds it difficult to hold a pencil properly, to be able to write what you can understand.

Signs that a person has dyslexia
The following are signs that a person has dyslexia:

1. The person may have a problem, differentiating between two similar sounds.

2. Difficulty copying information from a board or book.

3. The person may find it difficult to learn new words.

4. The person may find it difficult to read, write and spell.

5. The child may lose interest in school activities, and become lazy.

This disorder has no cure, but the affected person can be helped to improve.

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